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21mm button in carbon and hematite metal

21mm button in carbon and hematite metal

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This carbon and natural hematite colored metal button is a pure jewel. Its beautiful metallic silver gray shades will amaze you.

Hematite gets its name from the Greek word “haima,” meaning “blood,” because of the red color it produces when crushed and mixed with water. Homo sapiens also used it as a pigment for cave paintings. The Egyptians also used it as a pigment for cosmetics.

It is characterized by its richness in iron, which gives it its beautiful shiny silver gray color and its astonishing properties.

In lithotherapy, it is considered to provide strength and magnetism, to improve concentration and to be beneficial for the blood system.

Each natural stone is unique, it may therefore present differences compared to its illustration photo. Lovers of fine stones consider that it is its singularity that gives all the beauty of a gem.


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