When buttons become more than accessories.

Custon's is an innovative and unique concept.
Interchangeable buttons that attach in the blink of an eye and without sewing to personalize your outfits to infinity.

They are made in Italy in quality and resistant materials.

An accessory for everyone

Custon's caters to all genders and adapts to all occasions, whatever your taste. Classic for the office, rebellious for a moment with friends or sophisticated for a romantic evening, Custon's personalizes all your outfits and enhances their character as only a fashion accessory can do. With Custon's the same jacket can seem elegant or casual depending on the model chosen and as the Custon's change in the blink of an eye you can modify its style according to your desires!

photo femme en robe de soirée avec sac à main noir et bouton Custon's strass 21 mm

Custon's: your imagination is the only limit

With Custon's, it has never been so easy to replace the buttons on your jackets, vests and skirts! You can also add Custon's to your clothes without buttons or customize your bags, caps and shoes, simply to give them a touch of originality. Let your imagination run wild!

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