• Are the buttons machine washable?

Yes. They are made of materials usually used for standard buttons (jeans buttons, press studs, etc.)

  • Should Custon's be removed before machine washing?

It is not necessary to remove your Custon's, they are made of resistant materials and they are fixed so that they cannot be accidentally removed. We advise you to button the garment and turn it inside out or place it in a net (temperature 30° max). If you have to remove the tip of your Custon's, do it gently so as not to damage your textiles.

  • Why use a needle or an awl?

We recommend the use of a needle or an awl with a diameter of 2 millimeters to facilitate the passage of the metal point through the desired material (fabric, leather, etc.) because this is not quite sharp.

It is strongly advised not to use sharp tools such as scissors or cutters which would damage the fabric.

Are you hesitating? Why not give it a try with 1 or 2 buttons to start and test the concept? To try it is to adopt it !

  • How are Custon's used?

Custon's are intended to replace the original buttons on your clothes. Once in place, they are used exactly like classic buttons by passing through the buttonholes. To change it, simply use the tweezers provided for this purpose: place the stem of the tweezers at the side notch of the Custon's and press while pulling the tip to release it. The tip remains on the garment. Then use the tweezers to place the new Custon's on the tip.

You can also attach the Custon's to parts of the garment that do not have a buttonhole just for decoration. However, it is recommended to choose locations where the fabric is doubled or reinforced.