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With Custon's, replacing buttons becomes child's play

Buttons that attach in the blink of an eye and seamlessly to your clothes and accessories thanks to an ingenious system.

As they are removable, you can change them as often as you want!

With Custon's you choose!

Until now buttons were simple accessories that we wanted to hide or at best that we didn't even look at anymore. Thanks to Custon's new concept,
you will be proud to display buttons with current looks that suit you.

Ease of use

Trending designs

Unique design

Quick and easy installation

1. Remove the original button.

2. Stitch the garment using an awl (approximately 2 mm diameter).

3. Thread the tip through the sting.

4. Fix the Custon's on the tip with the tweezers.

5. Your Custon's is in place!

Once the tip is in place, you do not need to remove it to change Custon's. Unclip the Custon's to be replaced with your tweezers and clip the new model in place, in a few seconds your garment has a new look!


Il n’est pas recommandé d’enlever vos Custon’s pour laver vos vêtements à la machine (sauf pour des produits de la gamme Pierres Fines, qui ne supportent pas les détergents et, pour certains, l'eau). Ils résistent au lavage en machine à 30°C, à 800 tours/ minute, comme les boutons ordinaires. Veillez simplement à laver vos vêtements sur l'envers, de préférence dans un filet, pour éviter de rayer vos boutons et les conserver longtemps.

Si toutefois vous avez besoin de retirer vos Custon's pour le nettoyage de vos vêtements (si vos Custon's sont en pierre fine ou dans le cas d'un nettoyage à sec), nous vous recommandons de laissez les pointes dans votre vêtement et de les recouvrir avec les embouts de protection en silicone fournis, afin de ne pas risquer d'accrocher les fibres.

Si vous devez nettoyer vos Custon's en pierre fine, frottez-les délicatement avec un chiffon doux et propre sans utiliser d'eau ou tout autre produit. Les autres Custon's supportent l'eau et la lessive.


All our buttons are made of a resistant metal: zamak. It is a zinc-based alloy, to which aluminum, magnesium and copper are bonded. It takes its name from the acronym in German of each element used in its composition: Zink, Aluminum, Magnesium and Kupfer (copper).
The internal mechanism is made of stainless steel and the back is made of ABS plastic, which is non-toxic, strong and recyclable. Depending on the models, other materials are also used: natural mother-of-pearl, glass (for the rhinestones), colored enamels and wood.

Currently, all models have a single size: their diameter is 21 mm and their height varies between 4 and 5 mm. This is a standard size, used for most jackets, but Custon's can also be attached to coats, pants, skirts, etc...

Make sure the Custon's size fits your buttonhole. Keep in mind that it should be able to pull through easily, but the garment should not unbutton on its own.

Their weight is of the order of 5 g.

Custon's contain small parts that can be swallowed accidentally: be careful, risk of suffocation. They are not toys. Do not leave them within the reach of young children.