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With Custon's you choose!

Until now buttons were simple accessories that we wanted to hide or at best that we didn't even look at anymore.

Thanks to the new Custon's concept ,
you will be proud to display buttons with current looks that suit you.

Ease of use

Trending designs

Unique design

Custon's are made in Italy in quality and durable materials. The upper part and the tip are made of ZAMAK, a resistant and light alloy based on Zinc. The lower part is made of ABS plastic.

Installation is within everyone's reach. In 2 steps 3 movements your Custon's are ready to be used!

You will only need the tweezers which have been specially designed for the use of your Custon's as well as a large diameter needle of about 2 mm (punch, awl...). You can buy one in the accessories section of the site.

Once the metal tip is inserted into the garment, all you have to do is change your Custon's using the tweezers in a few seconds!