Le concept Custon's récompensé au Concours Lumière du Salon des Inventions de Lyon 2019 - Custon's

The Custon's concept rewarded at the Lumière Competition of the Salon des Inventions de Lyon 2019

The concept of interchangeable seamless buttons won the silver medal at the Lumière competition at the Salon des Inventions de Lyon 2019. This was its first public exposure when only two patterns were available for demonstration.

The Concours Lumière is the evolution of the traditional Lyon invention competition. It was created in 1994 with the 3 grandsons of Louis Lumière by the Société Lyonnaise de Inventeurs, which was itself founded 100 years earlier in 1894 ( see its history ).

The Lumière Competition is now attached to the Permanent Exhibition of Inventions, it is the subject of an annual edition with a prestigious prize-giving ceremony.

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